What My Clients Say

Dawn-Dyanna, you are the healer I trust – the healer with whom I feel safe. You are the healer who will give recognition and empathy to clients who are blessed enough to find your web page. You understand pain. You understand the heart of all species and your life past and present has brought heaven to all who receive your deep loving wisdom.
Dawn-Dyanna, you are the one who makes sense to me – to my heart, to my mind, to my soul.

-Dr. Ruth Levy, PhD

You have such an amazing awareness to understand and see. That was the greatest coaching session for me that I’ve ever had, by the way. Thanks for hearing all this. I feel just wonderful and centered from just being on the call with you. This was really nice. You’re a beautiful space.

-Kyle Cease
 New York Times Best-Selling Author; Founder of Evolving Out Loud

Dawn-Dyanna, you listen in each moment and respond with deep heart-centered feeling and thought – this feels instantaneous, effortless, genuine. Your whole being is available, healing and uplifting me with every word.
Your ability to be present with conflict and pain encourages my heart to open, my mind to bring forth peace. Your words and actions inspire my loving nature, assist me to manifest goodness for the benefit of all.
Working with Dawn‑Dyanna is not work. To me, it feels more like playfulness.

-Eric Emerson Boehm

Oh my gosh! This is precisely your calling, your gift and what you were put on earth to do. You have been healing me with your wise words of comfort and healing and understanding. One of the huge gifts I see you having is a very unusual ability to put your own self and ego aside. Completely and deeply empathetically entering the other’s needs and concerns. You transform our fear and insecurities into blessings and transformations … almost instantly. You are very, very unusual in that and I know of no other.

-Liz Nakazawa
 Author, Poet

As a very different, unusual, sensitive person with original thoughts and ideas – and an original world attitude – you have found a way to be yourself and yet fit into your own niche. A very evolved thing to do in a Darwinian sense. God bless. You are using your gifts to help others, thus freeing yourself through love and service. You are a miracle of love and light.

-Jonathan Miller, Esq.
 Attorney at Law

Voicemail message: (cited with permission)
I just listened to your message and want to say how much I appreciated how clear you were – how sturdy in what you were saying. I was quite affected by it. Your words just went right into me. This was exactly what I needed to hear. I felt a new dignity and some place of the depth of truth and clarity that I’ve been looking for. Like what I’ve been reaching out for, but missing a lot of the time. Thank you for that.

-David L.
 Business Owner

It is my great fortune to know Dawn-Dyanna. I have consistently witnessed and experienced Dawn-Dyanna’s tender, huge, generous heart, her deep capacity to accept others without judgment, to care wholeheartedly for the well-being of all people and animals and to embody clarity, strength and compassion.  She listens deeply in each moment and brings empathy, wisdom and the gift of clear communication to all with whom she interacts.  Dawn-Dyanna has the remarkable capacity to respond to even the most challenging of situations with an attitude of respect for others and the intention of good will.  It is a blessing, indeed, to be the recipient of Dawn-Dyanna’s profound caring.

-Arlene R.

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